Space Omega – Book

Sometimes, Destiny sends heroes… and sometimes not…

« Space Omega : les Déjantés du Santa Barbara » is a published cosmic and comic novel, which tales the incredible story of the spaceship Santa Barbara -which is so ugly and shabby that we call this a spaceship only because it flies (how is it possible… nobody knows)- and his crazy crew : Papy Namite, an half-old person -literally- who is as genius and mad as old ; Garry, the orangutan who always complaining and likes the brawls and the illegal things ; Liz-A, the high-tech watch which doesn’t care about the Asimov rules,…

And when, one day, they teleport an earthling who destroys accidentally a mafia’s casino, bigger problems appear… although they would have preferred to avoid them.

And with a Narrator who changes the story and who comments constantly, this script is as crazy as this crew !

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